Khao Lak resorts battle against coastal erosion

LUXURY resorts at Phang Nga’s Khao Lak tourist area are struggling to cope with coastal erosion with current violent monsoon having already carved away several meters of the shoreline, INN News said today (Sept. 26).

After the southwesterly monsoon roared in and covered the Andaman Sea it triggered powerful wind and fierce waves which are continuously gobbling up the shoreline with several meters already lost.

Posh hotels in Khao Lak rushed to protect their structures by putting sand bags and large rocks but failed to resist the pressure and erosion still continues.

Sayant Kitchmano, head of Phang Nga’s Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Office, said the current monsoon over the Andaman Sea led to rain falling continuously throughout the province and many areas have been affected.

A warning has been issued to residents to watch out for danger as the heavy downpour could trigger flash floods and forest runoffs.


Top: Powerful waves battering a classy resort in  Khao Lak. Photo: INN News