Koh Samui Airport closed for 3 days due to Pabuk storm.

The Koh Samui International Airport will be closed from the 4th to the 6th January of this year due to the Pabuk storm approaching the South of Thailand on the 4th. The Pabuk is a tropical storm that will hit Thailand harder than any storm has done in Decades and that in some areas there might be nothing left standing. Yesterday (3 January), there were 5 special flights by Bangkok Airways heading to Bangkok for tourists and locals who needed to vacate the island.



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There was a crowd of citizens at the Koh Samui Airport all day waiting to get on flights heading to Bangkok. Residents of Koh Samui fear that the Pabuk storm will affect their homes and may lead to injury. Bangkok Airways realizing the demand for those who want to vacate from Koh Samui have added 5 special flights connecting to Bangkok. Passengers can then find a location to stay in Bangkok until the storm ends or return home in other provinces.


The Koh Samui International Airport will be shut down on 4 – 6 of this month, no flights will be leaving or entering the island. Ittipol Bunaree from the Koh Samui Airport reported that the airport has prepared safety precautions to assist all passengers to leave Koh Samui safely before the Pabuk storm arrives.


Credit: DW
Credit: DW


There is a Security team prepared for any emergencies and to assist passengers requests. The control tower is watching closely towards any change in the weather conditions, making sure that all flights are safe to leave the terminal on the 3rd.


An Airport official reported that after the announcement of Koh Samui Airport shut down, many passengers who have booked flights on the 4th to the 6th have requested to change their bookings to leave on the 3rd for safety, as we never know what damage the Pabuk storm brings.


FB Caption: There were a crowd of citizens at the Koh Samui Airport all day waiting to get on flights heading to Bangkok on 3/01/2019, one day before Pabuk tropical storm arrives.


Source: Sanook