Korean arrested in Thailand connected to online gambling.

The Immigration Police successfully arrested a South Korean citizen under the power of an arrest warrant issued in Seoul accordingly to the legal process in Korea. The Korean suspect was hiding in Thailand running away from his charges in Chonburi Province. The man is connected to setting up an illegal online gambling business.


Credit: INN News
Credit: INN News


Police Lieutenant General Sompong Chingduang reported the arrest of Jeonghwan 29 years old from South Korea under charges of having connections in an online gambling group in South Korea. The gambling website Jeonghwan is involved in is strictly illegal in South Korea and the Korean court has issued an arrest warrant for Jeonghwan.


The Immigration police set up a presentation that shows Jeonghwan’s history of coming into Thailand to hide. His passport is printed on the presentation but his passport no. is censored due to legal reasons. The suspect is seen standing in the middle with 3 policemen standing beside him, on top of the picture is a Red Notice stamp signifying that he is wanted by the Interpol. There are also pictures of Jeonghwan in Korea and the gambling website that the suspect helped make. The online gambling website is a virtual casino where gamblers can come play their luck 24/7 with no limit without any applicable laws.


Jeonghwan has an arrest warrant issued in his name by the Court in South Korea in November of 2017, Interpol has also sent out a Red Notice for the suspect. The suspect and his associates created an online gambling website. He came into Thailand intending to lay low, but he was found by the Chonburi Immigration Police hiding in Chonburi Province. One of Thailand’s most bustling provinces with a bright nightlife scene in Pattaya City.


The Police have revoked Jeonghwan’s Visa, he will be investigated to see if there is any other information on his charges or any connections to more criminals hiding in Thailand before deporting him back to South Korea.


FB Caption: The suspect was hiding in Chonburi running away from his arrest warrant issued by South Korea, he also has a Red Notice out for him from Interpol.


Source: INN News