Landfill stinking up hundreds of households

Locals in two districts in Chonburi province are having a hard time living in their homes. The local landfill has had an issue of managing the waste for years, the piles of garbage are no longer containable and the smell is spreading to hundreds of households.




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The company “Clean City” together with village leaders and environmentalists have come to find a solution together on the 8th of November this year at Clean City’s headquarters. Sakchai Amphaiwong, the village leader of Moo 4, Boh Win district, stated that the issue is a long going one for a number of years. The villagers including the leaders have made several complaints to officials and organizations but still, no solution is found to successfully fix or at least help with the smell. Sakchai even stated that this is the last time any action will be taken from the villages to the factory, if within 15 days there is and scent that leaks out to the households, the villagers will gather at the factory and stop the factory from dumping more waste in the area.


Thongsuk Chuensuang, a member in the management of Moo 4, Boh Win stated that the smell from the factory landfill has caused great problems for the villagers, including healthwise. Not only does the smell reach Moo 4 of Boh Win, but it goes all the way to Moo 7, Boh Win, and even Moo 5 and 10 of Kao Kun Song district. The smell never stops 24/7, especially if the wind is harsh. The main reason why the problem has never successfully been looked at is that the higher management team of the company have never come to inspect the area directly. If no proper action is taken, then the problem will only get worse and more households will be affected.


Kidsanat Kulasing, the Deputy District Chief of Sriracha district stated that the measurements that will be taken will become more clear on the 14th of this month. All parties are invited to come and help find a solution to the smell of the landfill. If no solution cannot be agreed on, then the only way to help the households in the area is to apply serious legal measures to the landfill factory.


FB Caption: Serious measures need to be taken from the landfill factory to clean up the mess


Source: Sanook