Lao girl kept as slave trapped in storage room for 9 years.

A couple was arrested for trapping a girl from Laos in a storage room for over 9 years. The girl was treated as a slave, through the long years she lived with no freedom and was frequently tortured. The Laos girl never received any money for 9 years and was ordered to never speak a word to anyone. Police Major General Worawat Wattananakornbancha from the Anti Trafficking in Persons Division and other related officials reported the arrest of Suchin Vipusitthikul 60 years old and Jirawadee Vipusitthikul 50 years old husband and wife on 28 February 2020.


Officials reveal that they received a notification that a Laos girl was being tortured inside a store named Kijsiamkolkarn selling auto parts located in Krathum Baen District, Samut Sakhon Province. The girl has been trapped inside a storage room since she was a child. Officials received a search warrant and found the suspects along with Porn 21 years old from Laos. Porn stated that she has been with the suspects since 2011 when she was only 13 years old.


At first, Porn received 1,500 THB per month and then after a while, they stopped paying her. Through the 9 years, Porn has lived and grown into a young woman inside a storage room. She only has clothes that were given to her by the suspects and has never gone out to see anyone. Porn stated that she never had freedom and was ordered to never talk to or contact anyone. Not long after moving in at the store the owners started to torture her, this included beating her up, hitting her with a broomstick, electrical wires, and verbal abuse continued almost daily.


Credit: Khaosod


One day Porn attempted to run away but she was dragged back to the store, the owners told people outside that she was a crazy person. When she was inside again they stepped on her face, hit her, and locked her inside the room. She doesn’t want to stay any longer. Ever since coming to the store, Porn has never received a day off and on holidays all she receives is instant noodles left in the room for her. She can’t leave as the store is locked from the outside. Porn now has hope after a good citizen called in about her case to officials. Both of the suspects are denying the charges and they have been delivered to the Krathum Baen Police Station.


FB Caption: The girl was treated as a slave, through the long years she lived with no freedom and was frequently tortured.


Source: Khaosod