Laos businessman accused of cheating 65M arrested in Bangkok

The Chokchai police arrested Taokamla Nakawong 56 years old from Laos under fraudulent charges with the power from an arrest warrant issued by the Bangkok North Municipal Court. Taokamla was arrested as he arrived in Thailand at Don Muang Airport on a flight from Laos on the 28th of this month.


Credit: INN News
Credit: INN News


Police Lieutenant Colonel Pratuan Malangtub from the Chokchai Police Station Investigation Team revealed that the victim is a Thai citizen named Chonlakorn. Chonlakorn owns a seaport in Laos where the suspect is from. The case has been filed at the Chokchai Police Station in 2016 with details of the case told by the victim.


Chonlakorn reported that Taokamla cheated him into buying shares of a company named Kwan Muang ltd. owned by Taokamla in exchange for Chonlakorn becoming a concessionaire in building a new seaport and to care for the port in terms of management and business exchanges. Taokamla told the victim that he was selling the shares under a project management company and a pier named Ban Mom Muang Ton Phueng in Boh Kaew, Laos. All of this for the price of 35 million THB.




Chonlakorn transferred the first sum of money from July 2007 to May 2018 in the amount of 24 million THB. In this period of time, the victim also continuously paid for the fees in designing the new port, clearing out the area that will be used for the port, and the construction of a temporary residence for a Laos port officer intended to be used as a work office for the officer. The continuous fees piled up to over 40 million THB, this sum of money added to the first sum of money came to a total of approximately 65 million THB.


The problem arrived when the time of the transfer of shares was planned to take place. Instead of transferring shares from Kwan Muang ltd. to Chonlakorn, Taokamla sold the shares to Kings Roman Company for the price of 2.5 Million USD in May of 2018.




The victim has filed for Laos to freeze Taokamla’s assets in the value of the agreed contract. On the other side, Taokamla filed a report with the police in Laos stating that the victim breached the contract. Taokamla’s relatives and his lawyer have arrived in Thailand at Chokchai Police Station.


FB Caption: Chonlakorn had paid over 65 million THB to Taokamla, but when the time came Taokamla sold his shares to Kings Roman Company instead for 2.5 Million USD.


Source: INN News