Laotians arrested while smuggling ganja in heavy rain

THE heavy rain over the past few days did not deter four Laotians from attempting to smuggle marijuana bars weighing 495 kilograms across the Mekong river to northeastern Nakhon Phanom province but vigilant Thai police officers supported by officials from two other agencies caught them red-handed, Thai News Agency said today (July 28).

The officers also seized a grenade from the four Laotians who came across the river on a long-tail boat.

The four suspects admitted that they had been hired by a Laotian investor to deliver the drug to a Thai client and to use the heavy downpours as a cover.

Police said if the 495 kilograms of marijuana had reached the market the value would have soared over 10 million baht. Over the course of this month they have seized over a ton of this drug.


Top: Nakhon Phanom police display the 495 kilograms of marijuana they seized today. Photo: Thai News Agency


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