Large fire in Prachinburi affects 30 homes with damages exceeding 10 Million THB.

There has been a large fire in Prachinburi Province and 30 homes were affected with damages exceeding 10 Million THB. The Prachinburi City had a meeting on 30 March 2022 to help villagers affected by the fire. The fire took place in the middle of Prachinburi City Market. Those affected can call 065-5564-388 at all hours to register for help. The city has prepared a temporarily shelter, water, food, and medicine at the local help center. Locals that were not affected by the fire have come to help the fire victims. Locals can be seen bringing in water and food for firefighters and officials helping in the incident. 



Tanongsak Suwanteme from the Prachinburi Department of Disaster Prevention and Mitigation reported the incident took place at 17.00 on the 29th of this month. There were heavy winds that made the flames spread far and fast. Firefighters and the local rescue team controlled the flames after many hours. Worapan Suwanuch the province governor stated they finally controlled the fire at around 21.00. The team used a backhoe to dig out parts of burnt homes, this helped clear some areas. They then filled in the spaces with water to help stop the fire. 30 homes were burned in the fire. All of these homes are 2 story wood homes. 



Officials state it is still unknown where the fire started. Evidence has been collected and will be used in the investigation to find the cause and where the fire started. Information reveals it is likely the fire started inside an old convenient store located inside the market. The fire then spread to about 10 stores nearby. The stores are all located next to each other. In total 30 buildings were affected with a current damage of about 10 Million THB. 


Credit: Sanook


FB Caption: Heavy winds caused the fire to spread fast. All the buildings are made from wood. 


Source: Sanook