Large group of buffaloes taking a walk in Ang Thong city.

A large group of buffaloes took a walk in the middle of the road in Ang Thong city on 11 January of this year. There were more than 20 buffalos lead by the buffalo alpha “Jao Sap” which can be translated as the sassy one in English, Jao Sap had larger horns than the other buffalos signaling that he is the boss. The road is one of the main routes in the main city of Ang Thong province, the group of buffalo appeared out of nowhere, drivers were shocked and afraid that they might cause accidents.


Credit: Sanook
Credit: Sanook


The local Ang Thong rescue team were called for help, when they arrived they had to turn on emergency lights to help signal cars on the road to not go near the group of buffaloes. The buffalos kept on running on the road with no signs of stopping any soon. The rescue team had to run after the buffalos with their emergency lights. It was a 2-kilometer race with the buffalos before they finally stepped aside from the road onto the field close by.


The rescue team was notified from the Ang Thong city police that a group of buffaloes was taking a walk on the road and citizens were afraid that the buffaloes might cause an accident. When the rescue team arrived, they realized that each buffalo was very big and filled up both lanes of the road causing build-up up of cars behind them. The team immediately tried to lure the buffalos off the road. They successfully did it but it was certainly not an easy task.




The buffaloes were not aggressive, they just seemed to be taking a walk on the road with no main goal. After a while, the owner drove after the buffaloes and caught up with the buffaloes and the rescue team at the field nearby the road where the buffaloes were waiting. His name was Anan 57 years old. He revealed that he was looking after 60 buffaloes at an empty grassfield in Angthong city. Suddenly, about 20 buffaloes walked towards the road, leaving him and the grass field behind.




Anan lured the buffaloes back to the their friends at the grass field. Some told him that he was lucky the buffaloes behaved well and did not cause any accidents, they also want him to be more careful and not let this happen again. 


FB Caption: It was a 2 kilometer race of the local rescue team vs. buffaloes before they finally stepped aside into an empty field by the road.


Source: Sanook