Lesbian bashed up as onlookers watch

GOING viral on Thai social media is a video clip of a young woman being badly beaten up by a tomboy at a hostel car park while people standby watching without helping her, the Thai-language daily Matichon reported today (July 22, 2018).

The video clip, shared by Facebook user Thikampron Kaain, showed the tomboy slapping, kicking, boxing and using a crash helmet to hit the young woman in the head leading to her bleeding on her face with onlookers not helping her.

This post, and a photo shared by another Facebook user Surasak Baboo Taiwas showing the injured woman, drew a lot of sympathetic comments, with some pointing out it was excessive behavior in a public place.

However later one of the onlookers Prawdao Siwapuvadolpituk said on social media that she did help the woman, she later went and wiped blood off her face with a piece of tissue.

She added that she was not able to stop the beating because the key card did not work.

She called another friend of this woman, whose mother lives upcountry,  but she only said, “What can I do? Take her to the doctor.”

The friend who lived in this hostel also refused to come down to help.

Relatives of the beaten woman, later identified as Miss Kanchana Sinprasert, 27, said the beating took place at the hostel in Ratchadapisek soi 36 at 1.46 a.m. on last Thursday July 19.

They also mentioned that she is going through medical treatment and will be undergoing surgery later this month.

At 4 p.m. today they went to file a report at Phahonyothin police station for legal action against the tomboy even though she has agreed to cover all the medical and other expenses.


Top and below: The young woman being beaten up publicly in a hostel carpark. Photos: Matichon

Further down: Kanchana bleeding after the sever beating. Photo: Matichon

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