‘A long journey of love’

ACCOMPANIED by his two pet dogs, 39-year-old Sakchai Supantamart this morning (August 23, 2018) embarked on a long journey to fulfill a promise he had made to his wife before she died at their home in the southern province of Trang, the Thai-language Daily News reported.

His wife Saifon, 41, had already prepared for their journey to Doi Intanon in the northern province of Chiang Mai when she was bitten by a rabid dog and died later in hospital.

After his wife’s cremation, Sakchai collected his wife’s ashes, and together with his two dogs, embarked on the long journey.

“I am sure she will be so happy when we reach the perk, and together we will admire the beautiful scenery.”


Sakchai shows the bag containing his wife’s ashes, above, and the cart he using to go to Doi Inthanon, below. Photos: Daily News

By Songpol Kaopatumtip