Long-suffering flood victims cope with foul smell

AFTER being flooded for over 3 months residents of central Ang Thong province’s Phong  Pheng subdistrict say the floodwater is now giving off a foul smell but they are using EM (effective micro-organism) mudballs to reduce the impact, Thai News Agency reported.

Houses at village number 5 in Phong  Pheng subdistrict, Pa Mok district, say the stagnant floodwater has turned dark and there are floating stains on the surface. After over 3 months it is now continuously giving off a rancid smell.

Capture flood 4

Although the water level in Chao Phraya river has steadily decreased the floodwater from this area cannot drain out.

One resident said the floodwater within his house is a meter high but he cannot pump it out as yet and there is nothing residents can do but cope with the situation as best they could. Some are putting EM mudballs into the floodwater to improve it and reduce the smell.

Residents realize that this stagnant water is a source of all kinds of germs and is a mosquito breeding ground.


Top and in-text: The stagnant smelly floodwater at Ang Thong’s Phong Pheng subdistrict. Photo: Thai News Agency