Look into your rear view before making a U-turn

A 56-year-old female motorcycle rider and her 6-year-old nephew were killed this morning (March 3, 2021) after the rider made a sudden U-turn without giving a right-turn signal to a speeding pick-up truck on the right lane.

According to the Thai-language Daily News, a total of 72 people were killed at the same spot yesterday.

Medical Doctor Taejing Siripanit, who is the secretary-general of the “Don’t Drink When You Drive Foundation,” told the newspaper that people were killed on the roads and highways in Thailand every day.

Citing the statistics he has collected, Dr Taejing said 14,907 people were killed on the roads during 1 Jan-31 Dec 2019, 14,825 killed during 1Jan-31 Dec 2020, and 2,653 killed during 1 Jan-2 March 2021.