Lottery bonanza doesn’t change Koh Samui taxi driver

LADY Luck smiled on a Koh Samui taxi driver whose taxi license plate number helped him win 30 million baht in the lottery and while he is going to use the windfall to build a house he intends to continue driving his taxi, Thai News Agency said yesterday.

Lucky taxi driver's taxiThe lucky taxi driver is Sithichai Samthong, 40, a native of Koh Samui. His family and friends rushed to congratulate him and he has already registered his winning lottery tickets.

Mr Sithichai said he bought this private taxi with Thor Khor 729 registration plate to earn a living. After registering the vehicle as his he told lottery vendors to keep 10 tickets with the last three digits matching his taxi license plate number all consecutive rounds and when he eventually won 30 million baht and he was totally shocked.

He intends to spend the money on building a new house and will be continuing to drive his taxi as usual.


Top: Lucky taxi driver Sithichai Samthong (third from left) is congratulated by his friend. Photo: Thai News Agency

Inset: Mr Sithichai’s lucky taxi. Photo: Thai News  Agency



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