Lottery gamblers seek help from elderly monk

THAILAND’S lottery draw is taking place today (March 16, 2017), and a large number of people in the northeastern Thai province of Surin have converged on the abode of an elderly Buddhist monk who had correctly predicted the outcomes of two-digit lottery draws.

According to, over a hundred bettors converged on the abode of Luang Poo Heng Papaso, the abbot of Ban Dan Chongjom Temple in the northeastern province of Surin.

The monk reportedly lit a candle and let the tear drops fall into the bottom of his alms bowl filled with water. Bettors then interpreted numbers from the yellow wax lines at the bottom of the bowl.


Top: Lottery tickets for sale at a market here. Photo: Nist6dh (CC-BY-SA-2.0)


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