Maha Sarakham badly flooded as Sonca dumps more rain

WHILE the whole country is feeling the impact of tropical depression Sonca which has now turned into an active low pressure cell, the situation in northeastern Maha Sarakhm province is dismal with one housing estate turning into an island surrounded by water and boats being the only means of transportation, Thai News Agency said today (July 27).

Around 87 households with over 400 people at an estate in Baan Dondo area of Muang Distirct had to ask officials for boats to commute because both roads leading to the estate are covered with one to two meters high floodwater making it impossible for any kind of vehicle to pass.

Over the 24 hours yesterday (July 26) an average of 132.1 millimeters of rain fell in this province with the heaviest downpours being in Muang District with 203.4 millimeters, Yang Sisurat with 165.4 millimeters and Na Dun with 160.3 millimeters.

In Borabue district highway number 23 was flooded at kms 49-57 for a distance of five kilometers and officials had to shut one side of it to traffic. Floodwater also eroded a secondary road for a distance of five meters forcing vehicles to take a 10-kilometer detour.

eroded road

Meanwhile the Thai Meteorological Department said today that tropical depression Sonca has been downgraded to an active low pressure cell and while this still covers the Northeast it is expected to dissipate tomorrow (July 28) but people should beware of severe weather conditions until it peters out.

At the same time a strong southwesterly monsoon prevails over the Andaman Sea and the South and this brings thundershowers with isolated heavy downpours in this region.

As strong winds and two to three meters high waves prevail in the Andaman Sea and the upper Gulf of Thailand all ships should proceed with caution, and small boats keep ashore until July 29.


Top: Floods in Maha Sarakham today. Photo: Thai News Agency

Inset: An eroded road in this northeastern province. Photo: Thai News Agency



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