Man with 2 names says he accidentally stabbed German man

A THAI man who had 2 ID cards on him told police the stabbing of a German man in the neck near Mor Chit BTS station yesterday was an accident with the knife he usually carries having slipped out and flew across to hit him, reported today (Sept 12, 2018).

Mr Peter Specht, 63, and his girlfriend were in the midst of hailing a taxi at a bus stop beneath Mor Chit BTS station when the assailant stabbed him in the neck and fled.

However motorcycle taxi drivers managed to catch him and called the police. Meanwhile Specht was taken to Paolo Memorial Hospital for the treatment of a 3-centimeter long wound, which went down to hypodermis below the skin.

Bang Sue police said they found 2 ID cards on the suspect, one with the name Adisak, 48, from Nonthaburi and the other Winai, 41, from northeastern Surin province.

However the suspect said his name is Winai Homniam and that he came to Bangkok 3 years ago,

The suspect told police the stabbing was an accident because he usually carried a knife wrapped in a towel on his shoulder, but just then he moved the towel and the knife slipped out and flew across, hitting the German man in the neck.


Top: A composite photo showing Specht and his girlfriend pressing his neck wound, left, and the suspect at the police station, right. Photo: