Man almost died from electric water boiler

Facebook user Mathawee Upanan posted as a warning to friends on facebook on the 15th of this month of a health risk that almost killed him 3 weeks previously to the post. The Facebook post states,


“#Electricwaterboiler 3 weeks ago I was going to make some coffee in the morning, this was in my mom’s home out of town. The water boiler was already plugged in, I wanted to check if there was enough water inside before pouring the water into my coffee cup. When I opened the lid, there was an ant floating inside of the water, so I picked up a stainless steel spoon to scoop the ant out of the water.


There was an instant electric shot that went through my body, I fell down to the ground and couldn’t speak for 1 minute. After a while, I stood up but then my back had cramps, after 2 hours the back cramps didn’t stop so I decided to visit the hospital. The doctor said that my heartbeat was higher than usual and so was my creatinine levels. The hospital recommended me to stay at the hospital for one night just to be safe. At noon my body started to feel better so I returned home. 3 weeks later, I still have muscle pain in my back, the doctor recommended me to do muscle exercises and it will slowly get better.


I want to warn all my friends on Facebook to please beware of no brand electric water boilers. The water boiler that electrocuted me was produced in China with no brand on it. I already threw it away and have purchased my mother a brand new boiler from a trustable Japanese company. My brother who is an electrician tested the new electric water boiler by dipping his hand into the water inside and made sure that there is no electric leak, but please don’t do this to any electrical appliances unless you have already unplugged it from the wall.”


Credit: Facebook user: Mathawee Upanan
Credit: Facebook user: Mathawee Upanan


The lesson learned from reading this post is to never put your hand in the water of an electric appliance while it is still plugged in and to purchase electrical appliances from trustable brands.




FB Caption: He still has muscle pain till this day.


Source: TNN24