Man almost died because of GPS shortcut

A THAI man using GPS to guide him as he drove his pickup truck full of Christina trees  from central Nakhon Naiyok province to Chumphon airport in the south was guided to take a shortcut which led to his vehicle being completely smashed by a train but he emerged unscathed from this deadly accident, Thai News Agency said today (Sept. 3).

Winyu Namprapa, 31, a resident of northeastern Roi Et province said  he drove south through Phet Kasem highway with GPS guiding him and when he reached Chumphon the system led him to this village which is just six kilometers away from the airport but has a dirt road running through.

He drove on until he reached the level crossing where the rear left wheel got stuck in a groove at the rail line.

Just as he was using a jack to push the vehicle up and out a train emerged and he quickly fled but his vehicle was completely smashed.

The train that hit the heavily-laden pickup truck was traveling from Bangkok to southern Yala province and was full of passengers but none got injured. However the engine carried the parts of the pickup truck for 200 meters before it stopped.


Top: The totally smashed pickup truck at a level crossing in a Chumphon village. Photo: Thai News Agency


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