Man breaks into school to kidnap 8-year-old daughter.

Every person in the school was petrified when a man broke into the school intending to kidnap his own daughter. The man wanted to hold his daughter as insurance for his wife to return. The wife reveals she has had enough as he regularly gets drunk then harms her. He has even gone as far as using a pen gun and shot her. She has been injured by the man multiple times. The Nang Rong Police in Buriram Province received notification on 14 December 2022. A teacher called the police stating there is a man inside a grade.2 classroom. She feared one of the students was going to be harmed and needed police help. 



Officials went to the school right away and found Kong 35 years old, crying while hugging one of the students who was 8 years old. The police decided to take charge and separated the girl as they feared for her safety. Kong was taken to the police station and they waited for him to calm down. While in the station Kong continued crying and yelling even when they placed him in a cell. The police had to sit and talk with him inside the cell. Kong expressed to police that his wife of 11 years left him. He has been renting a room to live alone for 6 months. Kong cannot take the truth and misses his wife. No matter how hard he tried, the wife would not come back. 



Kong was stressed and wanted to express his feelings to the daughter. He now hopes the wife will see how sad he has become and forgives him. Wan the wife stated he regularly beats her when he is drunk. She has warned him many times and finally decided to break up. She has learned the lesson too many times to return. He has shot her in the hand with a pen gun before. Wan believes he wanted to hold the daughter hostage. The mother believes he did not have good intentions and came up with a plan to break into the school and take her away. 


Credit: Khaosod


FB Caption: The mother believes he did not have good intentions and came up with a plan to kidnap the daughter.


Source: Khaosod