Man enters school looking for student to hold hostage.

A man entered a school with the goal to hold a student hostage. Luckily he was caught in time and no students were injured in the incident. Khaosod News reported on 27 May 2022 the incident that took place in Sattahip province, Chonburi Province. Thanapat Papbupa an Administrative officer and related officials received notification of a man that was suspected to be under the influence of a substance. The Sattahip chief district officer and the village chief were notified. The officials went to the area and arrested Cherdchai 46 years old. The man saw officials and tried to escape. 



He ran into a school and was planning to find a student that he could hold hostage. Students noticed the man and started running away. Officials knew they had to catch him before he caught up to a student. As they tried to talk to the man he did not make sense. Officials decided to give the man a drug test that turned positive. He then admitted that he had taken Yaba pills before coming to the school. Cherdchai was arrested and delivered to the Najomtien Police Station and is waiting for prosecution. 



Thanapat stated that after receiving the notification he feared the suspect would hurt someone. Other related officials were notified and went to the area. As they arrived the suspect noticed and ran into the school to hide. He then tried to catch a student to hold for hostage. Luckily this was stopped before anyone was harmed. The suspect admitted her used drugs that led to the incident. The officer stated they are very happy that no student was held for hostage and the man is now waiting for prosecution. 


Credit: Khaosod


FB Caption: The man noticed police and ran into the school. No students were harmed in the incident. 


Source: Khaosod