Man gets marriage certificate tattooed on arm.

A man is crazy in love and decided to get his marriage certificate tattooed on the arm. Sanook News reported on 28 June 2021 of a viral post on Thai social media. Facebook user Om-Aim Daraployphan posted pictures of her husband getting a tattoo of their proof of love. This is a big marriage certificate tattoo on his right arm to display the love they have for each other. The post stated “The job of love is to give someone love and then stand still to receive it back. It is not struggling to find love. I like normal people; you do not have to be handsome. I have been through it; I do not need anything fancy to hurt me.


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Thank you to Keng who has always taken care of me. You work hard and do everything for my family to accept you. Thank you for being loyal and not having anyone else. Being with a playboy is like taking a roller coaster, it might be exciting but lasts only for a while. No one can ride a roller coaster for the rest of their life. There is no safety with such high risk, you can fall off. Smart people do not get with playboys. Let’s hold hands and continue our journey one step at a time. I love you, the best example husband.


Thank you to Jakpan Chimmod for advice on the tattoo. Thank you to the best tattoo artist Fayeah Jirarat for creating a piece that will last a lifetime, but she did tell me that she won’t do the divorce tattoo.”


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The news team contacted the tattoo shop named Jak Hua Hin Tattoo and received information that the tattoo artist is Jirarat Kaewwilat 27-year-old. She has been in the business for 5 years after graduating from art school in Bangkok. She usually creates realistic tattoos including family pictures. She agreed to tattoo the marriage certificate on 25 June and the tattoo session took place on the same day. From 7 pm to 1 am, a total of over 6 hours. The husband revealed that the tattoo is to remind them of their love during hard times in the future.


Credit: Sanook


FB Caption: The wife posted online pictures of the tattoo.


Source: Sanook