Man live-streams hanging attempt

A THAI man distressed at being separated from his wife live-streamed an attempt to hang both himself and their 3-year-old daughter but fortunately police arrived on time to save their lives, INN News reported today (July 4, 2018).

The attempted hanging took place at a house in Hat Yai city,  southern Songkhla province, and through the live-streamed video clip police found out that his name is Mr Chainarong, 32, a former soldier of Lance Corporal rank.

The live-streaming took place on the Facebook page of Orawhan Namwhan, his former wife.

In the clip the distraught man said he was hanging both his small daughter and himself so that his ex-wife could see them dying before her very eyes.

The live broadcast went on for half an hour, but was halted when he old his ex-wife the hangings would take place immediately unless she returned to meet him.

Hanging attempt

However his ex-wife’s friend saw the feed and called  his sister, after which both quickly called police and rescuers to help.

Police had to break down the door to get into the house and quickly separated the 2 of them, with the small child being taken to Hat Yai police station, and later  relatives taking her home to temporarily look after her.


Top: Two hangman’s nooses hanging at the staircase . Photo: INN News

In-text: The house where the young man threatened to hang both himself and his daughter. Photos: INN News