Man makes eye contact with 5-meter King Cobra in bed.

A man was terrified when he jumped into bed for a calmful nap but discovered he was being watched by a 5-meter king Cobra staring at him from the ceiling. The local rescue team in Trang Province received notification of an extremely long King Cobra in the villager’s home. The home was located in a rubber farm, where cobras and other poisonous snakes are often found. Sawai Kaewjua the head of the rescue team went to house no. 223 in Wang Wiset District, Trang Province.


Credit: Khaosod


This specific rescue team is experts in catching King Cobras, so much that the people have nicknamed them “Venomous snake hunters” in Thai. The team arrived to find Pricha 42 years old the owner of the rubber farm, he was still in shock. Pricha showed the team where the snake was, up on the ceiling enjoying its restful nap. The team knew what to do and used snake catching equipment to pull the snake down. When the snake was on the ground one of the team members grabbed it by the head and brought it outside the home.


Credit: Khaosod


They measured the snake, the dangerous creature turned out to be over 5 meters long and weighed 10 kilograms. At this size, the snake can basically look you in the eye with the ability to raise their body up from the ground when in attack mode. National Geographic states that King Cobra’s venom might not be the most potent, but they can release enough neurotoxin in a single bite to kill 20 people.


Credit: Khaosod


Pricha stated that he just finished work on the farm and decided to come to take a nap. While he was trying to fall asleep he looked up at the ceiling and saw an extremely large snake staring back at him with its tongue moving in and out of its mouth. He became wide awake and didn’t dare to move a muscle, in a flash Pricha jumped out of the bed and ran outside.


Sawai stated that it’s currently very dry in Thailand, so snakes will try to look for water sources that are often nearby homes. It’s also currently mating season for these venomous snakes and they’re on the hunt for love. The team has caught over 20 King Cobras within these 2 months.


FB Caption:  He became wide awake and didn’t dare to move a muscle, in a flash Pricha jumped out of the bed and ran outside.


Source: Khaosod, National Geographic