Man has a morning run and enters villagers homes.

A man working in the Chaiyaphum Provincial Administration Organization has pretended to go on a morning run before the sun comes up every morning, the truth is, he has been entering villagers homes in the Buriram city area. The man has even entered a police officer’s home and stole a gun.


Police Colonel Adul Chaiprasitkul from the Buriram police reported the arrest of Tanapong Dongknam 40 years old. Tanapong has committed robbery in many local homes in the city of Buriram province. He has entered homes of the officials in the area and the villagers home. The main valuables he looks for is cash, computers and laptops, motorbikes, and other valuables.


The people of Buriram has been extremely affected by Tanapong’s actions. He became so used to the act of entering people’s home and stealing their property that one day he decided to enter the police apartment and stole a gun from the officer’s room.


Credit: Workpoint News
Credit: Workpoint News


Tanapong normally leaves his home at about 5 am and pretends to go on a morning run. When he runs past a house that he is interested in, Tanapong will look to see if anyone is home or if they are sleeping. He will then break into the house and take whatever he likes in the house.


Tanapong will then sell the stolen goods to different sources for cash, part of the cash is then used for drugs. The police have gathered evidence that is left unsold and called the possible victims of Tanawong. Currently, 5 persons have pointed out their valuables in the evidence discovered.


The police reported that those who suspect that their valuables were stolen by Tanapong can come to the police station and take a look at the evidence that remains. If victims find that some of the stolen goods belong to them they can file a report to add to Tanawong’s list of victims.


Credit: Workpoint News
Credit: Workpoint News


Police Colonel Adul reported that there have been many reports from the people of Buriram on house robberies. The investigation police have looked into this matter and discovered that there were security cameras with the footage of Tanawong in the locations that he has robbed. They based the investigation upon the footages and finally discovered who was the thief in the subject.


FB Caption: The man pretends to go running at 5 am in the morning, when the truth is he has been robbing villagers and officials home in the city of Buriram province.


Source: Workpoint News