Man places 550 orders at cafe, does not pay and manages to steal from cafe.

A man walked into a coffee shop and ordered 550 drinks. He doesn’t pay and furthermore manages to get away with 8,250 THB from the business. After the story was posted online netizens did not have sympathy for the coffee shop. The story was posted online by Facebook page named “Social Hunter Reborn V3” on 12 December 2022. The page stated, Warning! A good looking man claimed he was a bank employee came to a coffee shop. He ordered 550 cups of coffee at the price of 45 THB per cup, together the bill is 24,750 THB. The man stated to put the coffee in bottles.



He then wanted a new bill that stated the coffee is priced at 60 THB per cup with a total of 33,000 THB. He wanted the business to prepare change in 8,250 THB cash and to put it in an envelope. He then came up with an idea for an employee from the coffee shop to come with him to the bank located in a mall. The employee went and was told to wait in front of the bank. The man went inside the bank to get 33,000 cash. The problem is he never returned outside. The employee went to talk to a person in the bank which is when the truth came out. The coffee shop has filed a report with the police. 



After the story went online some netizens did not feel sorry for the business. Netizens asked how the shop didn’t think it was suspicious for someone to order 550 orders at once. They wondered how he walked out of the bank without the cafe’s employee noticing. The bank was inside a mall and the doors were clear. They didn’t like how the business was willing to write up a fake bill that lied about how much the coffee actually costs. The man also grabbed the envelope on his way out and took the cash with him. 


Credit: Khaosod


FB Caption: Netizens did not feel sorry for the business as the man was suspicious on many parts. 


Source: Sanook