Man seeks 6m baht for cockroach in food

A Chiang Mai resident is suing a local department store for 6 million baht after finding a dead cockroach in his food, reported today (Dec 20).

The incident took place at the department store’s food court on Dec. 15, said Mr Tanapipat Chaithanatanatat. “I want it to be a case study and a lesson for entrepreneurs who do not pay enough attention to the cleanliness of their food,” he said.

“If I won the case, I would keep 3 million for myself, and spend the remaining 3 million baht to help consumers fight for a fair treatment from business operators,” he added.


Top: Mr Tanapipat, left, and the cockroach he found in his food at right. Photo:

By Songpol Kaopatumtip