Man shoots mother over land feud.

A man shot his mother after she threatened to take back a plot of land. The suspect claims it was all an accident and he didn’t want to pull the trigger. Police searched his home and found 3 more guns along with equipment used to customize the guns. Non Din Daeng Police went to a home in Buriram Province on 3 March 2023. Amnaj 40 years old shot Jitara 58 years old, who is his mother. He used a handmade gun and shot her in the right rib cage. The local rescue team delivered the injured person to Buriram Hospital where the medical team removed the bullet. 



Amnaj remained home and did not attempt to run away. Police arrested the suspect and searched his home located right behind the mother’s home. They found 3 handmade guns and 3 large bags worth of equipment used to customize guns. Amnaj stated he was angry because his mother had threatened to take back a plot of land that she gave to him. She also placed a gate dividing the land between his and his mother’s home. They started arguing and he shot her. Amnaj stated he pulled out a gun but didn’t want to pull the trigger, it was all an accident. Da 33 years old stated she heard an argument and then the mother called out for her younger son to come help because she had been shot. 



The mother ran to the front of her home and then fell. The younger son called the local rescue team that delivered her to the hospital. The neighbor stated Jitara has expressed to her many times about her son’s actions. She complains that he is on drugs and has been arrested for charges related to drugs and attempted murder. Thongsan 52 years old the uncle stated Amnaj is a violent man. Jitara had to find 100,000 THB to bail him out on the attempted murder case. The uncle hopes that the suspect faces justice according to the law as he is a dangerous man. 


Credit: Khaosod


FB Caption: The son has been arrested for attempted murder and drug charges before. 


Source: Khaosod