Man stabs 4 security guards after not wearing mask into mall.

4 security guards have been stabbed after they warned a man to wear a mask in the mall. The man carried 3 knives into the mall and stabbed the security guards as he was extremely unhappy after being warned to wear a mask. History shows the man has committed robbery and has just come out of prison. Police Lieutenant Colonel Uthen Hongthong from the Nonthaburi City Police Station reported an update after 4 security guards were attacked in a famous mall on Ngam Wong Wan Road.


Credit: INN News


The incident took place on 3 October 2020 at 20.30 when a man entered the mall on the G floor in front of an ice cream shop. The man started taking his shirt off, a security guard nearby came running to warn the customer. The customer started acting out before pulling a knife out. He started attacking security guards nearby. A total of 4 were injured and have been delivered to the Nonthaburi Hospital. One of the security guards is in critical condition after he was stabbed in the body. The remaining 3 are now safe as they were stabbed in the arms and legs while trying to hold the man. 


Credit: INN News


Officials revealed that the man had 3 knives on him, 2 small kitchen knives, and a pocket knife. When the man pulled out a knife, the security guards and good citizens nearby helped hold the man until police arrived. Officials have started an investigation to collect evidence including interviewing all witnesses in the area. The suspect has been arrested but is injured, once he is safe the police will bring him in for a talk. 


Credit: INN News


A member of the local rescue team stated the man was still able to talk when he was being rescued. But after he was arrested the suspect’s eyes froze and he stopped talking. The member believes the man was not drunk. INN News reported that the man walked into the mall with no mask on, a security guard went to warn him and an argument started. Other security guards nearby walked over and the man pulled out a knife. He started attacking the security guards. The police arrived and arrested the man. 


FB Caption: Officials revealed that the man had 3 knives on him, 2 small kitchen knives, and a pocket knife. 


Source: INN News