Man steals ambulance from rescue team.

A man had stolen an ambulance from a local rescue team, officials successfully arrested the man even though he managed to escape twice. The incident took place at 4 am on 23 July 2020 in Phuket Province. The ambulance was stolen from Phuket Kuson Tham Foundation, a local rescue team in the province. Shortly after the ambulance was gone a member of the rescue team walked outside to find that the vehicle was missing. He notified fellow members before driving around the area searching for the ambulance. 


Pasikorn Surichuchoti a member of the Kuson Tham Foundation stated that he tried searching for the missing ambulance. While he was driving around he started thinking and realized that the ambulance needed gas. The thief will probably try to leave Phuket. So Pasikorn stopped at every gas station along the way and asked the employees about the ambulance. Finally, the rescue team member stopped at a gas station and one of the employees stated that an ambulance had just come in, the driver claimed that he had no cash and asked to come to pay later. The gas station refused to give gas so the driver quickly left the gas station. 


Rescue team members continued searching for the ambulance, they then received a notification from the Takua Pa Police Station in Phang Nga Province informing the vehicle has been found. The driver parked the ambulance at the Phang Nga Bus Station. Police arrested the suspect but while they were writing down his information the man started acting strangely and got away. The rescue team quickly started searching for the man once again. Members from the Sawang Mekha Rescue Team found the man 20 minutes later. The ambulance went missing at 4 am and it was found at 6 am thanks to the teamwork between the local rescue team and the police. 


Credit: Sanook


FB Caption: Strong teamwork between the rescue team and police helped find the ambulance along with the suspect 2 hours after it went missing. 


Source: Sanook