Man walks from Nakhon Nayok to Satun Province as a sign of true love.

A man made it his mission to walk from Nakhon Nayok to Satun Province as a sign of true love. He will propose to his girlfriend on Valentine’s day in Satun. After he started walking and the story went viral the man gained many followers. Suthep Promjit 56 years old arrived at Happy Inn Hotel in Trang on 10 February 2023 at 8.30 am. He left Nakhon Nayok on 14 January hoping to reach Satun before valentine’s day. The girlfriend is Thanapa Kiewon 56 years old who lives in the destination province. Followers were waiting for the man to leave the hotel room in the morning. 



He ate breakfast and left the hotel to continue his long walk into the main city of Trang Province. Netizens have followed his journey because they admire his love and determination for his girlfriend. Locals wished him good luck and safe travels, they also hoped the girl would say yes to his proposal. Many women are jealous of his love and hope that one day they will find true love too. Villagers handed him food and water along the way. Niwat Thongwithi who is his best friend and also the future groomsman is driving a bicycle right beside Suthep. 



The two plan to spend another night in Trang Province as they will join a fund raising event for female disabled persons in the province on the 11th. He will also attend a food event to help promote grilled pork which is one of Trang’s famous foods. Suthep will then continue walking and arrive in Satun Province. Suthep reveals this will be the first time they will meet. The pair have been talking online for over 5 months after meeting on the famous video app TikTok. Suthep will have walked 1,200 kilometers when he arrives at the destination. There is only 100 kilometers to go. The journey will take exactly 1 month and he plans to sign the marriage certificates right after he proposes. 


Credit: Khaosod


FB Caption: The man has walked 1,200 kilometers in one month and plans to propose on Valentines day. 


Source: Khaosod