Man with drugs break curfew and gets arrested, cries for mom all night.

A man with many different types of drugs broke curfew and was arrested as a result. The suspect then cried asking for his mom all night. Sanook News reported on 12 August 2021 an incident where a man was arrested for breaking the curfew. Officials arrested Pairot Nakbut 45 years old from Samut Prakan Province. Pairot did not make it easy for police as he started crying and continued shouting asking for his mom. The suspect was holding onto a wallet and did not let go. A group of officers had to grab hold of the man and as a result some lost their masks and ripped their gloves. 


Credit: Sanook


Inside the wallet police found 7 green Yaba pills. 7 orange Yaba pills, 5 small bags of crystal meth weighing a total of 7 grams. He also had 50 small clear bags with him and equipment to use the drugs. Colonel Wirot Kongwaree from the Samut Prakan Internal Security Operations Command, Samut Prakan police officers, and related officials were working at the Covid-19 road checkpoint following the Emergency Decree on Public Administration in Emergency Situations B.E. 2548. The checkpoint is located near the Mae Klong Market in the main city of Samut Prakan. At around 21.30 Pairot was riding a motorbike and seemed suspicious. He tried to make a turn around when he noticed the police checkpoint. 


Credit: Sanook


Officers went in to inspect the man but Pairot started talking right away. He did not make sense and quickly pulled out a wallet from the pocket in his pants. He then held on to the wallet tight. When officers asked to see the wallet Pairot started crying and yelling for his mother. He started to lose control after that moment. Pairot admitted he purchased the Yaba pills from a friend named Ek in Amphawa District for 30 THB per pill. He intends to use some of the drugs for personal use and some to sell. The Yaba was to be sold for 50 THB per pill and crystal meth is priced at 300-400 per one small bag. The suspect claims he was returning home from a relative’s place. The suspect was shocked when he noticed police but officials do not believe his story. 


Credit: Sanook


FB Caption: The 45-year-old man started crying and asked police officers for his mother. 


Source: Sanook