Mass murder survivor says killers came from Central region

A SURVIVOR of the brutal murder of a Krabi village headman and seven of his family members on Monday night (July 10) has told the police that the eight to nine gunmen spoke with Central region Thai accent with this indicating they were not natives of southern provinces, Thai News Agency said today (July 12).

A Crime Suppression Division investigation squad has flown to the southern province to coordinate with local police in pursuing the mass murderers who were dressed in camouflage outfits and who had clearly come to Krabi with a detailed plan specifically to carry out the killings which occurred in separate rooms.

Police suspect that the murder of Vorayuth Sanghlang, headman of group 1 villages in Ban Klang subdistrict of Krabi’s  Ao Luek district and seven other family members with three survivors being treated in the hospital, could have stemmed either over rock grinding concession disputes or wrangling among local politicians even perhaps over drugs or a love affair.

A key point they noted is that the murderers took the village headman’s car with them and this could be because there was some evidence within it.


Top: Neighbors surround the house of murdered village headman Vorayuth Sanghlang after the killings on Monday night. Photo: INN News via




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