Meat in Premchai’s soup pot ‘was from female black panther’

TESTS conducted by experts at the Department of National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation confirmed that the meat in Italian-Thai Development Plc President Premchai  Karnasuta’s soup pot was from a female black panther, INN News reported this morning (March 7).

Premchai and 3 others were arrested for sneakily hunting protected wildlife at the west side of Thung Yai Naresuan Wildlife Sanctuary in western Kanchanaburi province early last month.

Results of the tests are going to be submitted to the Royal Thai Police headquarters.

These tests revealed the following:

  1. The meat, 2 pieces of bones, intestines and hair in the soup pot came from one single female black panther;
  2. . The meat claimed to be a curry came from a silver pheasant;
  3. The meat claimed to be a kalij pheasant was actually a silver pheasant;
  4. Feces found at the site were human but there was no black panther DNA within it;
  5. Of the other items seized, such as knives and a chopping board, some knives showed traces of the same black panther.


Top: A file photo of Premchai when he was arrested early last month. Photo: INN News