Media urged to help find cat torturer, killer

RESIDENTS of a housing estate urged the media to help hunt for a man who tortured and killed a cat by banging it against the footpath until it died, suspecting that he did so because it went and scratched his private car, with several other cats also having disappeared, Thai News Agency reported today (Feb. 25).

A young woman who lives in this housing estate in Phra Khanong area of Bangkok told the media that the suspect threw the dead cat into an empty house and that she has CCTV footage as evidence.

This woman said the problem of stray cats in her housing estate started after a neighbor moved out and left them behind. Other neighbors felt sorry for these cats and have been feeding them, until a misunderstanding arose with this man and the cats started disappearing.

Neighbors told her this man had killed many cats right before their eyes, but she only saw the suspect walking down holding a dead cat by its tail three days ago.

She then went through the CCTV footage and saw the disturbing killing.

She added that she had earlier tried to find animal shelters for these stray cats so that they could stay in a safe place, and now Watchdog Thailand had stepped in to help and has reported the killing to the police.


Top: The woman talking to the media about the cruel killing of a cat in her housing eatate. Photo: Thai News Agency