Mekong river a foot higher than crisis level

THE water level of Mekong river surged above the 12.50-meter crisis level reaching 12.79 meters in northeastern Mukdahan province this morning (August, 2, 2018) after water from the North and dams in Laos continued to pour in, reported.

This led to Mekong river flooding the underground floor of the famous Indochina market by around 30 centimeters. Traders had to move their goods out to various relief points, with 135 spaces having been arranged to help them.

However as upper floors of this market were not affected, tourists continued to shop there as usual.

At the same time Wat Sri Mongkol Nuea temple on the bank of Mekong river, which is building a flood barrier, also got flooded but this has not affected the monks’ routine.

Floodwaters that flew into various communities in Mueang district have been drained out and the situation has returned to normal.


Top and below: Parts of Mukhahan province got flooded this morning after Mekong river water gushed in. Photos:

flood photo

Flood 1

Flood 5

Flood 7