Mekong River nears crisis level at Nakhon Phanom

THE trans-boundary Mekong River is rising continuously and getting close to the crisis level in northeastern Nakhon Phanom province, INN News said today (July 21).

The river’s water level is rising by 50 centimeters to one meter a day and today stands at 10 meters which is just three meters away from 13-meter crisis level.

Swollen tributaries such as Songkhram River are pushing more water into the Mekong and this has led to a thousand rai of farmland in this province being flooded and if it rains continuously the flooded zone will expand.

As there is a risk that communities in the province’s low-lying areas could get flooded, provincial Governor Somchai Vithdamrong as ordered concerned agencies to be prepared and warn people in risky areas to stay alert and keep their belongings in a high place while watching out for their livestock and farms.


Top: Mekong River is almost at crisis-level in Nakhon Phanom. Photo: INN News



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