Mentally ill woman attack people at bus stop

A group of people was waiting for the bus as usual at a local bus stop when they were attacked. The mentally ill woman had no specific target at the beginning, then a girl was attacked to a point of breaking her arm. After the attack was over, the woman walked away as if nothing happened to leave the girl and the group of confused citizens behind. The incident took place on 14 May 2020 at a bus stop on Bang Bua Thong District, Nonthaburi Province. Someone managed to record the incident on video and uploaded it online. The video showed a girl standing at a bus station waiting for her bus to arrive, suddenly the woman with a large stick walked to the bus station and started chasing the victim. Netizens expressed their fear including questions as to why a mentally ill woman was left roaming the streets if she was a danger to society.


Credit: Sanook


The girl wearing a white shirt and long black pants was seen running away from a woman wearing a black shirt, black jacket, and red sport pants, this woman also had rough hair and was holding a stick. The girl tried blocking the stick with her left arm but the woman continued to hit the girl. Good civilians saw what was happening and helped stop the attack. When the woman realized there were now more people involved she threw the stick on the ground and walked away as if nothing had just happened.


The woman who captured the video stated to Sanook News, she was waiting to pick up her sister near the bus stop and noticed there was a woman walking around the area having a conversation with herself. Then the attack happened. A taxi driver and another good citizen came running in to help the girl. When the mentally ill woman saw that there were other people coming in to help the girl she decided to drop the attack and walk away.


Credit: Sanook


Somboon Kamtoom 50 years old, the taxi driver revealed, he also noticed the woman talking alone and she was walking towards the bus station. He doesn’t know the reason behind the attack but someone was being hurt and he ran in to help. The girl has been delivered to the Rama 9 Hospital and was informed that her left arm was broken. She has received medical care and is on the way to recovery.


FB Caption: Drivers on the road saw the woman talking alone, then suddenly she attacked a citizen at the bus station, the victim ended up with a broken arm.


Source: Sanook