Missing car receives ticket after 8 months.

A stolen car that has been missing for over 8 months received a ticket. The license plate was caught speeding on the motorway. Officials are now tracking the vehicle down to find the driver. The story was shared online about a Toyota Fortuner with a Bangkok license plate that was stolen 8 months ago. The case has been filed with the police who have arrested the car thief, but no car was found. Then on 16 May 2020 at 10.24 the car was caught driving over the speed limit on the motorway in Chonburi Province driving at 148 kilometers per hour. There is reward money set at 30,000 THB for anyone who can help give information to track down the car.


Credit: INN News


The INN News Team has contacted the brother of the car owner named Joe. Joe stated that the Fortuner belongs to his older brother who filed a report with the police after his car went missing. The car was stolen from his own home in Min Buri District, Bangkok. The thief pawned the vehicle at an illegal casino. A police investigation discovered the thief and the pawnbroker and they were both arrested. The car, on the other hand, was never found. The thief claimed that a friend had taken the car. Officials did not receive any information or sightings of the car since. Then on 24 May 2020, the owner of the car received a speeding ticket and the car might still be in Chonburi Province.


The Pattaya Police were notified and have contacted the car owner. The investigation on the missing car has been open in Pattaya. The vehicle is captured in multiple security camera footages in Si Racha, The Nine, and Laem Chabang. Police have a good idea who the driver is and the car is expected to be found at any moment now. It is still not clear whether the current driver realizes that they are driving a stolen vehicle. Once the car is found and the driver arrested police will begin the investigation to track down those involved in the stolen car trade. The car was probably likely to never be found, but because the driver was speeding on the motorway and caught on camera, the true owner now has high hopes of finding his car.


FB Caption: The car was caught speeding at 148 kilometers per hour on the motorway in Chonburi.


Source: INN News