Missing girl wakes up in a forest after getting on tour bus.

A girl from Udonthani province has gone missing since she got on a tour bus heading to Kalasin Province. She called her mom and fiance with fear in her voice saying that she woke up in the middle of a forest with other passengers that also had no idea where they were.


Credit: Sanook
Credit: Sanook


Ubon the mother, Pramuan the father, and Santi the fiance came to file a report with the Udonthani Police stating that the girl has gone missing since she got on a tour bus. Ubon stated that her daughter wasn’t feeling good on the 7th of this month (September 2019), they went to the hospital and her daughter decided to go see the fiance in his home town located in Kalasin province on the 8th. Ubon sent her on a bus to the local tour bus station.


When her daughter arrived at the station she called Ubon stating that she had just gotten on a purple tour bus to Kalasin. Then the next call her daughter stated that she felt like she had been drugged. She was in extremely deep sleep and woke up while the bus was driving in a forest. She saw a sign that said “Sisaket Province”, this was when things started to get scary. There were about 10 other passengers on the bus with her, the girl tried to ignore her fear and went back to sleep.


In next call her daughter stated that the tour bus suddenly stopped, another passenger walked to the driver and asked why he stopped driving to which the answer was “Don’t bother me, shut up, don’t talk, just stay still”. The daughter called again and told Ubon she was scared. Ubon told her daughter to ask the driver because they have been parked there since 13.00 and it was almost sunset time. Ubon heard the conversation when the driver answered “Are you scared? Are you afraid I won’t send you? I’ll drop you off all in one spot, calm down, I’ll drop you off soon”.


Credit: Sanook
Credit: Sanook


The daughter called at 18.00 and stated there was a weird car parked by their bus in the forest.  4 to 5 men surrounded the bus. This is when her daughter stated “If I cannot contact you, they have taken my phone away from me” Ubon couldn’t contact her daughter since.


The police checked the security footage at the tour bus station and saw the girl arriving at the station at 08.38 am. The girl walked to the front of the station where there were no security cameras. The police stated this was strange as registered buses will park in the station. Normally these types of buses only work during holidays such as New Year and Songkran.


Santi the fiance stated that Waewta the girlfriend didn’t have any friends in Udonthani. They just got engaged last month so he’s sure this is not a case of a secret lover. His girlfriend was crying on the phone because she was so scared.


FB Caption: The tour bus driver stated to the passenger “Don’t bother me, shut up, don’t talk, just stay still”.


Source: Sanook