Money has been disappearing from a bank branch in Pai, Mae Hong Son.

The story blew up online after a customer of said bank shared the personal experience of 290K THB  disappearing from a savings account. After the post started to gain popularity many more customers also experienced similar cases of their personal money being withdrawn from their bank account mysteriously.




At first, the branch bank manager told customers that the money was not withdrawn, it was just not shown in the bank book, the manager then asked for time to check where the money had gone. Clearly, this does not make any sense and the listing shown in the bankbook is a code referring that the money was withdrawn by an insider working in the branch office.


The bank then later admitted that it was a faulty caused by an employee along with returning the 290K and almost 200 THB interest back into the bank account. Workpoint news reported yesterday (10 January 2018), that there have also been withdrawals done by using fake documents through the Pai bank branch.


The girl who helped spread the news online contacted the bank but got an interesting answer. The account is owned by her mother who was not in the area at the time that the money was withdrawn. Her mother always carried the bankbook along with her ID card as they were important documents. An employee insisted that her mother was the one who withdrew the money, along with showing a copy of the bookbank and her mother’s ID card. The manager of the branch than told her that it must have been an outsider, but the girl stated that if the code in the bankbook refers to an insider employee withdrew the money as proof, the manager clearly would have known this.




The girl told the manager that she was going to report this to the Damrongtham Center, the manager asked her to come to the bank and admitted that an employee did indeed withdraw the money. The manager proceeded to ask her to feel empathy for the employee as such person had a lot of debt. The girl told the manager that having debt and stealing money are two different subjects. She was shocked to learn that there were others who had the same experience at the same branch.


FB Caption: The manager finally admitted that an employee withdrew the money along with returning the 290K and almost 200 THB interest back into the bank account.


Source: Workpoint News