Money lender shot dead outside restaurant

A 50-year-old money lender was shot dead outside a restaurant in nearby Samut Sakhon province last night and a hunt is on for a young man who killed him, Matichon newspaper said today (June 1)

Pol.Lt.Col.Rondech Butrsri, an investigation officer at Krathum Baen police station, rushed to Krua Loong Morn restaurant on Yai Rak road with a team of officers and volunteers upon hearing of the murder.

There he found the deceased, Narin Thaweesuk, 50, dead in the driver’s seat of a white sedan with the door slightly ajar. He had two bullets going through his temple and cheek. On him was some money and a letter written to an unknown man.

Relatives later told police that the deceased was the son of a former headmaster of a school in the same district and was slightly effeminate with money lending being his profession.  He tended to be quiet and kept to himself.

An eyewitness who was eating in the restaurant said he first saw the white car parking opposite the restaurant and when he looked again he saw the back of a young man of around 30 years of age wearing a white shirt talking to the deceased who was within his car.

A little while later he heard two shots and when he looked across the young man in white shirt was walking into the darkness and as his back was still turned towards him he could not see his face.

Police are still investigating the case but think the murder could either be intended to wipe off debts or stemmed from a triangular love affair with the two men not able to resolve the issue or perhaps anger about something else but this case is not related to drugs.

Security cameras across Yai Rak Road will be checked and people close to him questioned further.


Top: Police officers near the car in which the money lender was shot dead. Photo: Matichon




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