Monk arrested after stealing 180M THB from the temple.

A monk has been arrested after stealing 180 Million THB. Police Major General Montree Teskan from the Suppression Division along with related officials reported the arrest of Kom, who used to be called Monk Kom on 6 May 2023. The suspect had stolen a large sum of money from the Tham Kiri Temple in Nakhon Si Thammarat Province. A complaint was filed which led to the investigation after money went missing in the temple. Kom was responsible for accounting in the temple and had direct access to the funds. He did not work alone and together with Wutima, the former abbot moved the money. 



Kom had asked Wutima to give cash to Jutatip, his sister. Officials found 51 Million THB in cash hidden in Kom’s home. There is another 130 Million THB placed in bank accounts. A total of 180 Million THB was stolen by Kom from the temple. Investigation revealed 3 more persons connected to the crime. Both Kom and Wutima also broke monk rules and engaged in sexual activity while still a monk and inside temple walls. 2 more monks have been found to be sexually involved with Kom. One of the monks resided at the same temple but is also no longer a monk. 



The police found large sums of cash inside Kom’s home. The cash was separated into packs and was placed neatly inside boxes and suitcases. The story went viral online after Thai netizens heard about the theft. Kom is a famous monk for his talks and teachings on Buddhism. He was asked to stop being a monk after rumors started spreading. The suspect went missing right after he stopped being a monk. Wutima, the abbot resigned from being a monk around the same time as Kom. This story shows that no matter how good the teachings and presentation that one puts out, the true person inside might not be what you see. 


Credit: Khaosod


FB Caption: 51 Million THB cash was hidden inside the bedroom with another 130 Million THB in bank accounts. 


Source: Khoasod