Monk asks teenagers to stop delivering drugs in front of temple.

A famous monk in Thailand has posted on Facebook asking teenagers in the area to stop delivering drugs to buyers in front of the temple. User named “Such NaNa” , a famous monk in Buriram Province posted “Begging teenagers in Samed area to please deliver Yaba pills somewhere else. Please stop delivering in front of the temple. I know you have good connections from the logo on your vehicle”. The post went viral shortly after it was posted. Netizens started asking if the monk knew who these teenagers were, but he refused saying there may be danger if he speaks more on the topic. 



The Sanook News Team visited Monk Mahanarinthorn Pasunno known as Monk Such to locals on 24 March 2022. The monk revealed that ever since he came to build this temple in 2008 officials have searched the area many times and found drugs. Villagers and monks have made complaints claiming that monk Such was the one selling drugs. The monk stated he has never done anything illegal, the most is smoking cigarettes. Because of the complaints it has affected him. He used to go outside many times per month to teach religion and the money was used to help build the temple. The temple was built from donations and there has never been any ceremonies to raise money. 



After the rumors started to spread there have been less outings inside the country. Most of the temple funds now come from him teaching in other countries. When he returned to Thailand officials were searching the temple and vehicles inside. There is always a vehicle with no license plate driving around the temple. Sometimes they would take pictures and even hold meetings inside the temple. One day the monk had enough and went to ask one of the teenagers “are you selling Yaba pills” and the boy replied “yes I am”. When asked if he wasn’t scared the boy revealed he had no fear. The boy even stated his vehicle had a logo and police never ask to search his car when picking up the drugs. The monk states he doesn’t know if the logo is official or if the boy placed it on himself. 


Credit: Sanook


FB Caption: The monk states these teenagers have been selling drugs at the temple for years without fear. 


Source: Sanook