Monk during day, puts on makeup and goes out at night.

A monk has been exposed to transforming into a different person at night. The story was shared through many famous Facebook pages in Thailand. The posts revealed a monk from a famous temple putting on makeup and going out to find other men during the night. The posts reveal he has a twin, as in he transforms into another person at night. The temple is located in Tan Sum District, Ubon Ratchathani Province. The posts also claim he uses social media to add men at night, but some of them can tell he is a monk from the shaven hair and brows. 



Khaosod News Team went to visit the Wat Samrong Yai Temple in the province and met with one of the monks. Monk Bunma stated the monk that has been exposed online is Monk Ben. He is from the temple but rarely stays there. On the day that the team visited, Monk Ben went on a temple job at another temple in Yasothorn Province. Monk Bunma stated he has never seen Monk Ben act as the posts claim. But he does act girlish while inside the temple. Monk Bunma states the higher-ranking monks will know the truth. He also agrees that if the posts are true then it is extremely inappropriate because you must follow certain rules to be a monk in Thailand. 



Monk Ben often goes on temple jobs to help decorate other temples. Other monks in the same temple can not confirm or deny these allegations as he is hardly present inside the temple. Monk Somsak, another monk inside the temple stated he is staying at another temple. He has never seen Monk Ben act as the posts claim but he cannot confirm how Monk Ben is when he stays at other temples. Thaworn Santhaweesuk the village chief states Monk Ben may appear as a man but his mannerism is like a woman’s. He hopes the allegations are not true as they will affect the reputation of Thai monks. 


Credit: Khaosod


FB Caption: Monks at the temple state they have never seen Monk Ben act as the allegations claim. 

Source: Khaosod