Monk kicks 16-year-old in face for not buying food.

A 16-year-old boy was kicked in the face after he denied buying food for a monk. The mother went to file a report with Police Major Kanok Wangjaifoo at the Ko Kha Police Station in Lampang Province. Her son was attacked and received a kick in the face by a monk from the local temple located inside her village. The monk ordered her son to go buy some food for him on 20 March 2021. The Sanook News Team went to visit A the mother and B the son at their home in Ko Kha District on 23 March 2021.


A the mother stated her son went to visit a young monk at the temple. While they were playing games, a monk came to him and told the boy to go buy food for him at a restaurant located 5 kilometers from the temple. It was a hot day and his motorbike was running low on gas so the son told the monk he wouldn’t be going. The monk came back to see the boy and asked him why he did not do as he was asked. The son informed the monk regularly, but the monk was not happy. He kicked the boy right in the face. The boy jumped up and started to fight back. There were young monks nearby who stopped the fight from going any further. The boy was injured in the eyes, his neck, and both arms.


The monk never apologized and sent relatives to come negotiate. The mother revealed her son just went to visit a young monk at the temple, he does not have to follow any orders from the monk. The mother states she does not want money but is searching for justice. C the grandmother also came out and stated that she is disappointed in the monk. This is the first time this monk has done anything like this but as a monk she expects better from him as a representative of Buddhism.



FB Caption: The monk never apologized and sent relatives to come negotiate.


Source: Sanook