Monk stuck in bus terminal as no temple will take him.

A monk has been staying inside a bus terminal because no temple will take him in. Police were notified and are helping the monk. The monk traveled to Trat Province from Bangkok and planned to move temples. Things didn’t work out because so far no temples in the province will accept him. Officials received notification on 9 December 2022 of a monk who has been staying inside the Trat Bus Terminal. Trat police, officials from the provincial Social Development and Human Security Office went to inspect the terminal. 



The monk had his birth certificate showing his name, Kitti 51 years old from Bangkok. He is known as Monk Kitti Sorto. The rest of his belongings are clothes and 500 THB cash. Kitti stated he has been a monk since 2013. He became a monk at a temple in Kanchanaburi Province. He then moved to a famous temple in Khao Saming District in Trat. He left the province to a temple in Bangkok. He decided to move back to Trat but so far no temple has accepted him. The monk decided to come to the bus terminal with plans to leave the province. Priyanan Tumsuk 38 years old a ticket employee stated they tried to help the monk. 



The employees asked monk Kitti where he wanted to go and he stated his destination was a temple in Khao Saming. An employee drove him there but he returned to the station not long after. Priyanan decided to notify officials so they could help the monk. The monk took a drug test that was negative and no history of any medical care is present. He has been delivered to the Trat hospital. After doctors confirm he is healthy, police will deliver the monk to his preferred temple. If he wants to go back to Bangkok then they will bring him back to the bus terminal. 


Credit: Khaosod


FB Caption: An employee delivered the monk to the temple but he came back to the bus terminal not long after. 


Source: Khaosod