More measures to fight Covid-19 in Bangkok

Bangkok Governor Assawin Kwanmuang this morning (March 21, 2020) chaired a meeting to step up measures to fight the spread of Covit-19 in the capital city, reported.


The meeting agreed to shut several establishments for a 22-day period (22 March to 12 April, 2020).

These establishments are:-

  1. Health spas
  2. Slimming centers
  3. Animal spas
  4. Skating and roller blade centers
  5. Beautification clinics
  6. Amusement parks, bowling alleys and electronic games
  7. Computer services
  8. Golfing rinks and training
  9. Swimming pools
  10. Tattoo service
  11. Home child care
  12. Elderly person care
  13. Amulet centers
  14. Cock-fighting and training centers
  15. Rooster fighting rinks
  16. Meeting and exhibition centers
  17. Dried food markets and daily food centers
  18. Department stores (supermarkets excluded)
  19. Child care, public and private education centers, international schools and religious centers
  20. State and private colleges and occupation training centers
  21. The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) will let its officials work from home and ask the public to avoid going to crowded places.
  22. Members of the pubic are advised not to hoard food and other necessities. Supermarkets will stay open and convenience stores are advised to provide alcohol for clients to clean their hands.
  23. Food shops are advised to let clients take their food home.