Morning rush hour chaos as BTS signaling system breaks down

THE commute to work on the first day of this week turned into a nightmare for a large number of BTS train passengers after the signaling system at Siam station broke down, the Thai-language daily Matichon reported today (June 25, 2018).

At 6.15 a.m. BTS Skytrain operator announced that trains are moving slowly because their workers are quickly repairing the signaling system at Siam station, and that there might be a lot of passengers waiting at the platforms and to be careful.

Then at 7.34 a.m. BTS officials again announced that the signaling system at this station had crashed and this had led to train moving in and out of this particular station slowly, with this affecting other trains too.

By that time the crowds at the stations had become so large that passengers were not allowed to go up to the platforms.

At 8.12 a.m. BTS officials announced that the trains are now running normally but a passenger videotaped Mor Chit station at 8.34 a.m. with this showing that officials had still not allowed passengers to go up to the platform with lots of people waiting at the escalator.


Top: Some of the people who got badly delayed this morning after BTS Siam station signaling system broke down. Photo: Matichon