Moroccan woman held for stealing from Kuwaiti man

A MOROCCAN woman was arrested in Pattaya today (March 29) for stealing 3 expensive watches and other belongings from a Kuwaiti man she slept with, reported.

The victim, Thalal, 22, from Kuwait, told police yesterday that he got to know the Moroccan woman, Sidech, 32, at a bar on Walking Street.

He invited her to go to bed with him at his condominium and when he woke up in the morning found that 3 watches, Audemars Piguet, Rolex and  5.11 Tactical, were missing as were a carton of foreign cigarette, a bottle of foreign perfume and the clothes  worth over 500,000 baht.

Pattaya police and Tourist Police checked the CCTV footage and searched areas where the suspect would most likely be hanging out and found her walking behind Pattaya 8 School.

The suspect has admitted to stealing from the Kuwaiti man and legal action is being pursued against her.

The victim later gave a bouquet of flowers to the police investigators from quickly solving the crime.


Top: The Moroccan woman at Pattaya police station after her arrest. Photo: